UBTER Group C Kanisth Shahyak Code 56 Paper Leak 2016

UBTER Group C Kanisth Shahyak Code 56 Paper Leak 2016. Uttarakhand Board of Technical Education, UBTER Group C Post code 56 Kanisth Shahyak Examination was held on 28 Feb 2016. The candidates have questioned on the Samuh G examination which was conducted by UBTER (Uttarakhand Board of Technical Education) on last Sunday for the post code 56. According to them, 18 questions were from the personal booklet of a private coaching institute.

UBTER Group C Kanisth Shahyak Code 56 Paper Leak 2016

On Wednesday, they all burnt an effigy of the authority in DAV college. During the performance, Head of the authority told that the 18 questions which were asked in the paper are looking familiar from the one in the booklet of a private coaching institute. The mark of this March had been already given to those given candidates who were taking coaching from that institute.

Thus seeing the issue, there are also questions being raised on the prejudice of the authority. The youth of the state is feeling cheated and they are now in extreme anger with the authorities. The head requested to get this case investigated and then repeal the examination.

3 thoughts on “UBTER Group C Kanisth Shahyak Code 56 Paper Leak 2016

  1. sir 56 code ka exam dubara hoga

  2. it is true ? post code 56 paper was leaked ?

  3. Sir I had qualify the exam and do not get coaching from any Institution. And expected to be qualify in final. I am a poor. What will be ours. Because they released the result also. If the someone who is doing wrong might be stopped before declaring the results. That would be better. Now, we will fill cheated. But what we can do. If the exam will cacel than the High court should give a huge and hard punishment to the responsible than we will satisfy. Otherwise if High court only listen to these student and they may also do so. The court should monitor the next exam. Then we will be satisfy. Also, the court may cacel the result of Mahadra’s student only.

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